3 Benefits To Living Near Lake Chatuge

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Lake Chatuge is a manmade lake built for the purpose of power generation. However, living near the lake can have several benefits other than an undeterred supply of power during even the strongest, harshest weather conditions. It is located as part of two states. It is a dam with its lower reaches in North Carolina and the upper reaches going all the way to Georgia. Living near the dam could have several benefits for you and your family, some of which are explored below:

Boating – For those living near the lake, there are a lot of attractions present. One of these will especially appeal to the angler in us, since the lake is a perfect boating spot for those who like to splash out into the water to relax. Not only this, since the lake is in close proximity to the nearby towns of Hayesville, North Carolina and Hiawesse, Georgia, you could very easily visit either on one of your boating trips. It certainly makes for a scenic ride on the boat especially if you have an adventurous spirit and a family of younger children.

Fishing – The lake is a perfect spot for fishing, it houses some of the more unique fish breeds and is quite a popular spot for anglers who arrive at the lake on weekends to enjoy a bit of fresh breeze and the relaxing sport. It is an attraction for both the states of Georgia and North Carolina, and is an even more intriguing for history buffs due to its profound historical implications. The name Lake Chatuge itself is named after a Cherokee settlement made nearby.

Nearby attractions – Lake Chatuge is placed in the middle with several different attractions on either side. Since it meets in the middle of North Carolina and Georgia it is an easily reachable point for visitors from either side who like ferrying. Not only this, Chimney Rock in North Carolina is quite a popular spot among tourists who like to visit the monumental village.

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