NC Mountain Land: A Great Investment and Home

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Mountain land in North Carolina has always been desirable; generations of Americans have either chosen the area for their primary home or have had second homes in the region to use as vacation getaways.  There are plenty of reasons why a person should consider buying a home in the mountains of North Carolina; the mains ones being a good return on investment and raising a family in a healthy, community driven environment that takes advantage of all nature has to offer.

First of all, while the property market at this moment might not be very good, investors must keep in mind that the prices will increase again as the world’s economy improves over the next few years.  Purchasing property now can be seen as a sort of sale:  a property that may have cost over $100,000 five or six years ago will now only cost about $10,000.  Real estate experts predict that from today forward, the prices will only go up, meaning an investor has an almost guaranteed good return.

Along with being a sound investment due to the temporary low prices, the mountains in North Carolina are the ideal location for building a great family home.  Along with being affordable, houses in the mountains have incredible views and are close to some of the best outdoor recreational facilities in the world.  For people who must have a healthy lifestyle, there is nowhere better than North Carolina’s mountains.  With much less pollution than big cities, the hiking trails, fishing streams and horse trails are only some of the things that are available for staying in shape.   For people who love winter sports, there are excellent ski resorts, and traditional, old-fashioned sports like snow-shoeing can also be done.

The North Carolina Mountains are also famous for their friendly, close-knit communities.  A home in these areas will be great for people who don’t like the alienation and anonymity of big cities.   Furthermore, the smaller cities and towns that are in the mountains have all of the facilities of larger urban centres in the United States, but still maintain their unique charm and quaintness.