Tuckeseegee River Land for Sale

Tuckeseegee River Foreclosed Land For Sale

The Tuckasegee River (variant spellings include Tuckaseegee and Tuckaseigee) flows entirely within western North Carolina. It begins its course in Jackson County above Cullowhee at the confluence of Panthertown and Greenland creeks. It flows in a northwesterly direction intoSwain County and through the center of Bryson City, North Carolina. The river passes around the Bryson City Island Park, where it then entersFontana Lake and then the Little Tennessee River.

The name Tuckasegee may be an anglicisation of the Cherokee word daksiyi—[takhšiyi] in the local Cherokee variety—‘Turtle Place.’ The river is dotted with stone fishing weirs most easily viewed when water levels are low.

Fishing, hiking and paddling are among the recreational opportunities along the river