Waynesville Land For Sale

Waynesville, NC

The American South and Southern Hospitality, defined by words such as generosity, friendliness, and graciousness, are exemplified by the residents of Waynesville, North Carolina. Waynesvile is nestled within the perfect setting of beautiful Appalachian mountain chains with many protected lands close by; including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Pisgah National Forest, Harmen Den Wildlife Refuge, and Nantahala National Forest. Those who come and visit Waynesville, N.C. are greeted with nods of welcome, inquiries of “how are ya’ll”, and a willingness to be lent a helping hand.

Waynesville is located adjacent to Maggie Valley, N.C. and close to the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Visitors to Waynesville can take in the beautiful vistas to be found on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or spend the day taking in the views from the rocking chair of their lodgings. Modern hotels, more personal bed and breakfasts, quaint motels, log cabins, and golfing resorts await visitors with all the latest amenities, while the surroundings slow things down to a more leisurely pace.

Activities range from those geared more towards nature enthusiasts such as hiking thru a plethora of forest and plant types, or shopping for handmade Appalachian crafts. Those who visit Western North Carolina can grab grits for breakfast and fried green tomatoes for dinner. Southern cooking is easy to find, as are more traditional cuisines or fine dining. Some visitors fall in love just looking at pictures of the Smoky Mountains, and when they experience it first hand they feel the desire to either relocate or look over Waynesville real estate options for the perfect home away from home. Whatever your reason for visiting Waynesville, N.C. we hope you enjoy your stay and “ya’ll come back you hear”.