Benefits of Log Cabin Homes in the NC Mountains

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NC log cabin and land for saleLog Cabin homes are the number one choice for home builders in the North Carolina Mountains. Some people are attracted to the incredible beauty of these custom built rustic wonders, while others want to live in a piece of history but not forsake any of the traditional comforts of modern day living. Another reason is that most want a masterpieces that will last generations.

Log Cabins have come a long way over the last few centuries. What were once considered the homes of pioneers are now true architectural wonders. Log Cabins are a popular green housing choice. The building materials are all natural, conserve energy and help protect the natural environment of the North Carolina mountains.

Log Cabin homes can be custom made in an array of materials and floor plans. The wood choices include choices such as eastern white pine, western red cedar, northern white cedar, and even bald cypress. There are many beautiful Log Cabin Homes built of these materials in New England that have stood over 200 years already. These incredibly strong materials are well known for their natural resistances against decay, rot, and termites.

NC log cabin and land for saleThe sky is the limit with these homes. Sure, you can get a traditional one room log cabin for hunting expeditions, but why stop there? New floor plans and trends have created luxurious options for your log cabin home. When you build with traditional housing materials you are limited on the designs you can chose from, due to the restrictions of the builders and strength of materials. This is not so with log cabin homes. The selections of design and style are endless with log cabin floor plans.

So whether you are looking for a cabin nestled in the woods or a beautiful Log Home Estate, log cabins can well exceed your expectations. Live in elegance in the North Carolina Mountains! Contact us here for more information, or call 1-855-Lot-Land.